Boga32 // Elijah

Moderator at Hypixel Inc.


My Timeline on Hypixel

  • April 6th 2014 – I join Hypixel for the first time.
  • Summer of 2014 – I buy VIP+ (pre-EULA).
  • Fall of 2014 – I buy MVP then MVP+ (post-EULA).
  • Fall of 2015 – I join the guild SoFly.
  • Winter of 2015 – I join the Hypixel Forums.
  • Winter of 2016 – I am promoted to Officer on SoFly.
  • Summer of 2016 – I was promoted to Operations Manager in SoFly. The guild was disbanded in mid-summer. In late summer I created my own guild called Symmetry.
  • Fall of 2016 – I am accepted into the Hypixel Karaoke Team.
  • Winter of 2016 – Symmetry is disbanded and I become an Admin in the guild Altitude.
  • Winter of 2017 – I join the guild CopyKatz and become part of the their Event Team.
  • Spring of 2017 – I become part of the Hypixel Karaoke Marketing Team.
  • Summer of 2017 – I join the guild LavishLlamas and become a Senior Officer there.
  • Fall of 2017 – I co-found the guild Socialize with bjunited. I also help create the Hypixel Karaoke Discord server.
  • Spring of 2018 – I become part of the Hypixel Karaoke Social Team.
  • Summer of 2018 – I am promoted to Hypixel Karaoke Team Leader.
  • Fall of 2018 – I become the primary Leader of Hypixel Karaoke. The Socialize guild is disbanded.
  • November 9th 2019 – I am promoted to Helper on Hypixel.
  • Summer of 2020 – I resign from the Hypixel Karaoke Team and my role as Primary Team Leader.
  • July 17th 2020 – I am promoted to Moderator on Hypixel.

About Me

Over the years it has been very important to me that I have a healthy balance between my real life and my online life. In school, I am active in numerous clubs and like to regularly spend time with school friends. I have been playing a musical instrument (first the trumpet then the baritone) for about 7 years and participate in multiple band ensembles throughout the year as well. I have also been playing tennis for a few years. Some of my other interests include cyber security, environmental science, and government. I hope to go into a career focusing on human resource management.

My Experience

Human Resources

Throughout my time on Hypixel I have been in numerous HR management positions in various guilds, as well as in the Hypixel Karaoke Team. Responsibilities have included: training new staff, writing staff guidelines, managing applications, conducting interviews, scheduling and running meetings, overseeing other staff, and managing community members. These roles have been an amazing and very fulfilling opportunity for me and have helped me develop many skills that are transferable to many areas of work.

Application Review

Application reviewing has been a significant responsibility that I have had in my leadership positions for many years. In total, I have reviewed over 1,000 applications for guilds, the Hypixel Karaoke Team, and other various leadership roles. Through this experience I have gained a strong sense of what to look for in an application and how to conduct proper interviews. I have also conducted applications with various degrees of intensity and for many levels of leadership. I also have thorough knowledge of how to do an in-depth and complete background check.

Operations Management

Administration and Operations Management has been a large part of the positions that I have been in. The positions have been in multiple guilds as well as within the Hypixel Karaoke Team. Some of my roles and jobs as an administrator include: developing Discord servers, configuring TeamSpeak servers, operating public forums, writing community policies and guides, handling community issues, helping to design Minecraft servers, and addressing system security. Administration and operations management has helped me greatly improve my communication and project leadership skills.

Event Coordination

From October 2016 to June 2020, I was a member of the Hypixel Karaoke Team which is an official public events team on Hypixel Inc. The team hosts events every Saturday on the Hypixel Karaoke Discord server. In July of 2018 I was promoted to Team Leader and have taken on a variety of responsibilities. I was then promoted to Primary Team Leader in October 2018. I handled and processed team applications, hosted events, worked with our marketing, social, and development teams, managed our Discord server with ~1800 members, and handled team and community situations. This was an incredible experience for me and through it I have improved my leadership, teamwork, and professionalism.

My Skills

Human Resource Management
Application Review
Event Coordination
Project Management

My Involvement

Hypixel Karaoke

I was part of the Hypixel Karaoke Team for over 3 years and was the Primary Team Leader for over a year. Throughout my time on the team I worked on a large variety of projects both for the team and the community. Those included, operating the Hypixel Karaoke Twitter account, helping to create the Karaoke Discord server, creating Karaoke After-Parties, building the Hypixel Karaoke Housing plot, and working on creating new team systems and policies. I loved getting to work with so many fantastic people from all over the world to try and make the Hypixel community a better place.

Hypixel Staff Team

As of November 9th 2019 I had the incredible opportunity to be part of the Hypixel Staff Team as a Helper. I was then promoted to Moderator on July 17th 2020. This has been a long term goal for me for many years and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to impact the community in a positive way. I also get to work alongside many amazing people from every corner of the world and for a company that truly cares about its players. Because of this, I also get to continue to work on my teamwork, leadership, and communication skills which I believe are crucial. As a staff member, I answer player's questions and take an active role in network moderation. I hope to be in this position for many great years to come.

High School Band

I have played an instrument in school since third grade. I first started out on trumpet, and then switched to baritone in 7th grade. Playing in the school band has been one of my favorite experiences during my schooling career. In high school, I play in numerous ensembles throughout the year which is loads of fun. It is an excellent place to make good friends and fantastic memories.

Youth and Government

For the past three years I have been part of my school's Youth and Government program which works as a mock government with judicial and legislative branches. I have gotten involved with our club's leadership and have worked on things like mentoring new members, creating presentations, attending leadership conferences, and more. This year, I have the wonderful opportunity to be a Justice for the program. As a Justice, I will preside over courtrooms alongside other Justices at the state conference and listen to student attorney's arguments for their cases. I will also write decisions and review briefs, alongside working with our own district's attorneys to prepare for the state conference. It is an amazing experience and a well set-up program. It is for sure one of my favorite clubs to be involved with.

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