My Involvement

My Involvement

Hypixel Karaoke

I have been part of the Hypixel Karaoke Team for over 2 years and have been a Leader in the team for nearly 6 months. Throughout my time on the team I have worked on a large variety of projects both for the team and the community. Those include, operating the Hypixel Karaoke Twitter account, helping to create the Karaoke Discord server, creating Karaoke After-Parties and other smaller community events, and other awesome stuff!


I have played an instrument in school since third grade. I first started out on trumpet, and then switched to baritone in 7th grade. Playing in the school band has been one of my favorite experiences during my schooling career. In high school, I play in numerous ensembles throughout the year which is loads of fun.

Youth and Government

For the past two years I have been part of my school's Youth and Government program which works as a mock government with judicial and legislative branches. I have gotten involved with our club's leadership and have worked on things like mentoring new members, creating presentations, attending leadership conferences, and more. It is an amazing experience and a well set-up program.